International examples of infrastructure funds


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New South Wales Restart NSW Fund394

In 2011, the New South Wales (NSW) Government established the Restart NSW Fund to enable the funding and delivery of high-priority infrastructure projects that improve the state’s economic growth and productivity. Over AUD$35 billion from the NSW government’s asset recycling programme has been paid into the fund to date to be invested into infrastructure projects. The Restart NSW Fund is governed by the Restart NSW Fund Act 2011. Under the Act, Infrastructure NSW is responsible for assessing and recommending projects that improve economic growth and productivity across all sectors. To get funding through the Restart NSW Fund, a project must be recommended by Infrastructure NSW and have a cost-benefit ratio greater than 1. Projects funded from the Restart NSW Fund include a mixture of NSW government agency-led infrastructure projects, as well as local and community infrastructure projects being delivered by local government, non-government organisations and other entities. 30% of Restart NSW Fund is targeted at regional and rural areas over the lifetime of the fund.

Canada’s blended approach to infrastructure funds395

The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program delivers funding to communities to support the Investing in Canada Plan. The programme provides long-term, stable funding delivered by Infrastructure Canada to invest in infrastructure that supports environmental, community and economic objectives. Under the programme, over CAD$33 billion in funding is being delivered through bilateral agreements between Infrastructure Canada and each of the Canadian provinces and territories. Infrastructure Canada evaluates proposals for funding and has an on-going role in tracking the status of projects. Infrastructure Canada also manages a number of infrastructure-related funds on behalf of the Canadian government, applying consistent service standards across its portfolio.