Develop capabilities and capacity across the infrastructure system for effective partnerships with Māori

Section: 5. Strengthening partnerships with and opportunities for Māori


Put in place a programme to develop capabilities and capacity for effective partnership that should:

  1. Build specialist Māori infrastructure capabilities at the centre of government that can support agencies and Māori.
  2. Consolidate and enhance specific funding for the provision of technical support for iwi with infrastructure planning and delivery partnerships (agency or programme specific).
  3. Broker partnerships with Crown agencies and industry to create fixed-term secondment opportunities for iwi organisations.
  4. Leverage procurement opportunities for Māori across infrastructure policy, planning, delivery, maintenance and research.


  • Iwi
  • Te Waihanga | New Zealand Infrastructure Commission
  • Te Arawhiti
  • Central Government
  • Local Government


2022 - 2031

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