Reduce congestion and improve urban mobility

Section: 6.3. Building attractive and inclusive cities


Implement congestion pricing and road tolling in urban centres by:

  1. Implementing recommendations in the “The Congestion Question” report for congestion charging in Auckland. Stage implementation as appropriate, considering current and future public transport arrangements.
  2. Immediately removing legislative barriers to implementing congestion charging and road tolling, such as requirements in the Land Transport Management Act 2003 for alternative untolled routes.
  3. Progressing planning for congestion pricing schemes for Wellington and other cities as appropriate.
  4. By 2025, identifying other urban areas where congestion pricing may be beneficial.
  5. Assigning responsibility for setting and adjusting prices to an appropriate independent institution.


  • Te Manatū Waka | Ministry of Transport
  • Waka Kotahi | New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Local Government


2022 - 2031

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