Achieve net-zero carbon emissions at minimum cost

Section: 6.1. Enabling a net-zero carbon emissions Aotearoa


Develop clear and credible policies and mechanisms for offsetting any differences that arise between actual emissions and our international commitments on carbon emissions.

In developing a National Energy Strategy, include measures that achieve net-zero carbon at minimum cost. These should:

  1. Modify the renewable electricity target to focus on renewable energy.
  2. Reduce barriers to the prudent expansion of transmission and distribution capacity where needed.
  3. Ensure the existing gas infrastructure can be redeployed when new alternatives become viable.
  4. Progress efforts to remove barriers to local generation, storage and demand management activity, in particular ensuring distributors have reasonable access to the metering data they need to manage their networks safely and efficiently.


  • Manatū Mō Te Taiao | Ministry for the Environment
  • Hīkina Whakatutuki | Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
  • Te Komihana Tauhokohoko| Commerce Commission
  • Electricity Authority


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