Improve funding of infrastructure services through targeted funding tools

Section: 7.2. Improving funding and financing


Establish targeted funding tools for the following applications:

  1. Tourism: Ensure that the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy can be used for tourism infrastructure, especially by local authorities with high international visitor numbers that are otherwise struggling to secure funding sources.
  2. Wastewater: Introduce legislative change that clarifies the ability of local authorities to direct-rate wastewater based on volumes, to create a better link between services and costs to users.
  3. Waste: Investigate what funding mechanisms will best achieve the objectives of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and the National Waste Strategy and incentivise behaviour appropriately.


  • Manatū Mō Te Taiao | Ministry for the Environment
  • Hīkina Whakatutuki | Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
  • Te Tari Taiwhenua | Department of Internal Affairs
  • Te Manatū Waka | Ministry of Transport


2027 - 2031

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