Develop the talent required to deliver New Zealand’s future infrastructure

Section: 7.5. Building workforce capacity and capabilities


Deliver a national infrastructure skills plan to ensure New Zealand has the right people with the right skills to deliver our infrastructure over the medium to long term.

A dedicated public and private sector working group should be established to develop the national infrastructure skills plan so that it:

  1. Provides information on the likely professional and workforce requirements to deliver the planned and forecast infrastructure supply over the next 15 years and beyond.
  2. Advises on how our education system can best support our future workforce needs.
  3. Provides advice on the role of immigration settings to address critical specialist infrastructure skill deficiencies that could delay construction or add to the costs of projects and maintenance.
  4. Provides advice on skill-development pathways that appeal to a diverse audience and increase diversity in all parts of the infrastructure system.
  5. Advises on opportunities to improve coordination across projects and sectors, and how employers can work more effectively in partnership with training providers.



    2022 - 2031

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