Strengthen government client-side capability to plan, design and deliver projects

Section: 7.5. Building workforce capacity and capabilities


Improve project outcomes by increasing public sector capabilities and excellence in infrastructure delivery by:

  1. Introducing comprehensive procurement, asset management and project management practitioner development frameworks and underpinning accreditation systems across government.
  2. Creating career development opportunities in the public sector by increasing the number of entry-level technical roles in client agencies to support the placement and rapid professional growth of newly graduated practitioners.
  3. Building effective partnerships between delivery agencies and New Zealand’s academic institutes to disseminate international best practice and lift the prioritisation of research in infrastructure.
  4. Aligning remuneration between the public and private sectors to improve competition across infrastructure types.


  • Central Government Delivery Agencies
  • Te Kawa Mataaho | Public Service Commission


2027 - 2031

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