Improve efficiency and security of freight and the national supply chain

Section: 6.2. Supporting towns and regions to flourish


In developing a long-term National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, the government should:

  1. Include airports, ports, road, rail and coastal shipping.
  2. Ensure it is integrated, resilient and multi-modal.
  3. Identify infrastructure needs and options to improve efficiency, sustainability and security.
  4. Assess the appropriateness of regulatory and market structures.
  5. Recommend reforms and investments that will enable the more efficient movement of freight, provide freight users with competition and choice.
  6. Build national freight and supply chain data capabilities for capturing and sharing data securely to improve efficiency.
  7. Investigate the development of a National Location Registry, where attribute information about physical pickup and delivery locations is digitally stored and accessible to authorised users, leveraging the recent experience of Australia. The registry should be sensitive to confidential information and privacy concerns.


  • Te Manatū Waka | Ministry of Transport


2022 - 2026

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