Reduce barriers to and costs of providing infrastructure services

Section: 6.2. Supporting towns and regions to flourish


In developing a National Digital Strategy, the government should:

  1. Prepare New Zealand for realising the full benefits of a connected digital society and establishing regions where 21st century talent wants to live.
  2. Fix digital black-spot areas and ensure universal access to digital services and skills that remove the limitations of physical distance from major markets nationally and internationally.
  3. Leverage changing social and economic patterns arising from COVID-19 and rising urban house prices to support the development of regional areas.
  4. Identify and set out a plan to resolve key telecommunication system resiliency issues.
  5. Identify options to improve trust in digital services and address digital privacy concerns.

Review standard infrastructure requirements for affordability across regions and infrastructure sectors. Broaden requirements to allow for on-site solutions and other low-cost design when similar service levels are possible.


2022 - 2026

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